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March 18, 2011



Isn't Life Delicious?

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 18, 2011, 8:07 AM
Cor blimey, haven't updated for months and months... Well, first things first, LETS FEATURE SOME STUFF! (You have no idea how many goddamn tabs I have open right now with my features in them...)

First off, things I found particularly powerful for some reason or another...

Dante by mastertouch Cat and Girl by BeatrizMartinVidal Childhood Dream by theSong The fascination continues... by shley77 the last of the mohicans by beri Art Nudes - single point by MarkVarley hyana man by alfred-georg An Atheist's Death
I would die for this
Paradigm of Natural
Expression for truth...

Lighthearted things which make you smile...

fresh'n'fruity. by funkstoerung    :thumb199576482: :thumb198195144: Hippie by trenchmaker  Things I Don't Understand by Yukii21 Expressions by AudreyBenjaminsen

Beautiful things....

Lily of the Nile: Nefertiti by armene The Inimitable Lissie by JaimeIbarra :thumb191996951: :thumb135823002: deer chick by grey-t guilt by Carnegriff Laura Marling 3 by Northline arabic mehandi by MehandiArtist Kiss by korzar 345666 by aleksandra88 Everything Is A Cycle by teaganwhite :thumb201274951:

Things with an important message (Do click on them and read the descriptions!)

Crimson Irony by yuumei burma 080888 corporate sponsor by Sonicbeanz Let's be realistic by mauricioestrella Battery Cow by R-Parsons

And possibly my favourite series of photographs on DA, the Rainbow Gathering images by Manicho.... You simply have to look through them. The expressions and textures captured in them are to die for...

Rainbow family member 17 by BenoitPaille

Now, for a real life journal entry...

Quite a few things have happened since my last entry; I've passed my driving test (HUHRAR!), I've survived a thousand bloody projects from college (now the final major project has been launched... but I'll get onto that in a bit...), I've had a few interviews for universities and got two conditional offers back :D. I've had an amazing trip to Amsterdam with the college, filled the joy and laughs and gay porn magazines.

But that aside! I'll go back to the final major project...
See, we have to write our own briefs, 500 words about what we intend to do for our project, the project which will determine how well I pass (or not!) my one year course. And frankly... I am stuck. I have endless ideas, ones about quotes, ones about books, animals, people, anatomy, space, plants, tea, fashion... but I can't seem to narrow them down to something which I can actually use!

If anybody has any good ideas for something really open and really epic that I could use as a starting point for writing this brief, that would be lush. Any ideas just to brainstorm it all out like a boss.

AND! I'm also stuck with deciding what the next piece of inky goodness I should get stabbed into my skin... I would love to get more tattoos, but it isn't the guts or the money which I need to get it done thats holding me back, its the goddamn design! Its just like my FMP, I have hundreds of ideas but none of them good enough for anything important... Which is a huge bummer. Why, why do I have the cliche woman tendency to find it physically impossible to decide on anything!

Ah well, I'll work it all out soon enough....

I'll probably add to this journal in a wee bit, but for now, TATA x

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